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Thank you

 投稿者:LEUNG MTメール  投稿日:2012年 1月 6日(金)15時06分27秒
  We (two persons) live in Hong Kong.  We visited this restaurant on 30 Dec 2011 in the evening.  I wrongly parked my car on the muddy ground adjacent to this restaurant and the car stuck there.  Luckily, the staff of this restaurant helped me to tow the car out by using their bulldozer.  They are kind and friendly.

Regarding their food, we ordered the 飛騨牛よくばりセット, 飛騨牛ロース, 飛騨牛特上カルビ, 新鮮野菜たっぷり, light drinks and cooked rice.  The beef was great and delicious.  The vegetable was fresh and sweet.

We highly recommend this restaurant.

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